100 Miles

The only disappointing thing about Switzerland covered in snow, was that it’s hard to ride a bike. Rather understandably, no bike was in sight to ride.

Trying to stimulate tropical heat in the Alps, I turned up the temperature, layered on sweat jackets (plural), set the running machine to a pretty full tilt, and began to jog each evening. ‘Get comfortable with being uncomfortable’, our IH head-of-sales always reminds us when business takes a tricky turn. I was certainly getting comfortable with being uncomfortable here.

I was preparing for a 100-mile bike race, but my training had got off to a rocky start. First, pneumonia got in the way, and then my bike got stolen. Yes, someone bloody nicked it.

I’ve trained for extreme things before, amongst which three marathons. The first was so long ago it was fashionable to drink honey as you ran. The second one, I lost all my toenails. The third, I remember watching those Olympic marathon runners at the front pee down their legs whilst competing, because there is no thought of stopping ….I politely just peeped on someone’s front lawn.

Each time, I raised money for a cause close to my heart.

In two weeks’ time, I am going to try to bike 100 miles in the hope of a cure for the cancer that killed our lad Wesley’s mother, Lynn.

If you want to learn more about the #RideForHope, or even make a small donation, please visit their website: https://rideforhopebahamas.com/