We were standing in the drawing room of a mansion. There was a grand piano, silk curtains, fresh flowers, views of mown lawns and dressed up guests, but our hostess was barefoot, makeup free, down to earth and passionate, really passionate. We were raising awareness for W-Underdogs in Atlanta, a program which lifts up disadvantaged kids by involving them in helping to rescue animals.

Several weeks later, this hostess rang me and invited me to join her in Newport. She told me we had more work to do, more children to lift up, more dogs to rescue. When I explained that I was not able to join her, she said no matter, she would call Meghan Markle instead.

On a sunny Sunday in Florida, a courageous mother shared how she launched Cannon Ball Kids’ Cancer to honor her own son and fund innovative pediatric cancer treatments, which have not progressed on pace with other cancers.

Overlooking San Francisco Bay, we supported To Write Love on Her Arms, a group dedicated to mental health – a cause very much in the news and very personal to many in attendance that day.

This was our Extraordinary Summer of Giving, and these were just a few of the Get Together Give Togethers I was able to join. Seemingly everywhere, in every corner of the US, IH Ambassadors were doing immense things to reach our goal of raising $100,000 in 100 days. There was never any doubt that our Tribe of Ambassadors, Hosts and customers, would make it happen, but together, we not only met our goal, but surpassed it. $125,000 is now out in the world doing immense good. Between us, we were able to raise awareness for more than 350 worthy causes. Every bag you seized, every Christmas present you shopped for in July, every time you invited a friend to a Get Together Give Together, brought us there.

So thank you, it has been a joyful, moving and yes, Extraordinary Summer.

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