3 weeks, 1 over night bag.‏

Tampa, Miami, London, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, London, New York, Boston.

1 fashion shoot, 4 live shows on the HSN network, 2 parents meetings, 1 mammogram, several appointments to place new season orders for my shop, work appointments, and a UK bank holiday weekend with my mother.

Three weeks, one over night bag. Because I refuse, just refuse, to stand around waiting for my luggage to come out on those carousals. Standing waiting for your luggage can take up to forty minutes, sometimes an hour, especially at those crazy big airports. One hour. 6 airports. 6 hours.

Imagine what I could do with 6 extra hours. I could sleep for a start.

So I pack a neat little wardrobe, all about items of clothing that could be mixed and matched in different ways.

The key is the colour scheme. Keep the colours subdued and you can get away with almost anything. And the shoes. Change the ballet flat to a heel and you go from day to night. 

Its a high low mix: tee shirts from Target, jeans from Zara, reliable Ralph shirts, a reversible scarf, blazer for business, leather jacket for travel, Helmut Lang and Day for those in between European moments. Running shoes with a packable sole, a big old statement piece of jewelry from Maiyet, Finlay wooden sunglassesMasini & Chern tropical pattered PJ’s in a drawstring bag, Beyond Yoga for Goop running gear, wash bag with FDA sized products, and three sets of slightly dodgy underwear. 

Et voilà.

travel3Except that bloody England was freezing. I mean, gloves on hands cold, especially for someone with Bahamian blood. So I cheated. I bought an unexpected wooly sweater and a pair of Adidas sneakers. That didn’t fit into the over night bag. I have to scream that. THEY DID’NT FIT IN THE OVER NIGHT BAG.


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