8 Is Pretty Great

I get pretty excited about kids’ parties. Lucky really as I have 5 of them. Kids that is.

We have quite a bit of fun hatching ideas. One year we decorated entirely with marshmallows hanging from satin ribbons as a sort of alternative piñata, the next was an army themed party, complete with mess hall and water balloon battle field, everyone was head to toe in camouflage with a couple of nine year old nurses on stand by. Another year, rather exhausted of ideas, a huge food fight was suggested, vats of jelly, plates of whipped cream and handfuls of wet spaghetti were carried down to the beach, some yelled ‘attack’ and all hell broke loose.

Other ideas have been less successful, a human sized Chuckie, (from the Rugrats series) came from Nassau for Felix’s 4th birthday, Felix took one look at the red headed, bespectacled cartoon character and ran and hid in the loo refusing to come back out. And during Halloween we had a friend dressed in a Hannibal Lecter mask break down the garden gate and walk menacingly around with a live chain saw. I know, looking back I agree….what were we thinking?

This week it was Domino’s 8th birthday and as this was the last 8th birthday party I was ever hosting I decided we would celebrate under Top Banana’s slightly dodgy disco ball, with a feisty game of pass-the-parcel followed by Miss Tamara leading the dance moves in her silver spandex body suit. (Christmas come early for some of our more mature male guests.)

Above the tea table I hung an old plastic plumbing tube, on fishing line, with paper lanterns and golden stars secured with gaffa tape, à la Donald Roberston. Inspired further by Donald’s work I gaffa taped the 25-For-A-Dollar plastic drinking cups.

Between blowing up balloons, hanging lanterns and growing an afro I did not pay enough attention to the birthday cake, which was meant to be the number eight but in fact looked like two inappropriate boobs.

4 thoughts on “8 Is Pretty Great”

  1. So funny.. I bought a tea pot one time and my teenage daughter, pointed out that the spout of the tea pot was shaped like a P nis! Imagine, that I did not notice that!!!!
    She is so lovely, India, I can not believe she is already 8, before you know it, she will be going off on her own adventures….. Enjoy all these next 10 years, she and your new company will be fully grown then. xoxo Melissa Lee

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