A Legacy of Design – My Father, David Hicks

“Oh yes he was the master of branding,” my brother replied to a question from the audience. “He knew exactly what he was doing.”

“Did he ever have a press agent?” someone else asked. My brother quoted our father “I don’t need a press agent. Everything I do is news.” The audience laughed.

Growing up in the shadow of this great decorating giant had not always been easy, but it certainly gave his three children a taste for design.

Ashley and I had been invited to speak about the influences of our father on our own designs. We were at the famous High Point Furniture market, where our father had given a talk in the late 1970’s.

Nods to David Hicks and outright homages appear regularly in fashion collections and beautiful rooms across the world.

He remains a strong influence, not only to the entire creative community, but also to his daughter….

My collection of Legacy Letters, which are shaped by my father and his passion for symmetry and geometrics, brings the alphabet that formed what I call ‘the wallpaper of my childhood’ into this moment.

We see so many choosing to mark occasions with these letters that we’ve recently introduced the necklaces in Sterling Silver as a counterpoint to the Gold Vermeil. There is also a collection of Legacy Letter belt buckles to go with our reversible belts.

Perhaps you will want to get kitted out in one of these letters and make a bit of news yourself. You won’t even need to ring your press agent.

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