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Amazon asked me to put some thoughts together about art. I was a little bit hesitant. Especially after David burst out laughing upon hearing this. We have many friends in the art world, who make serious informed decisions about whether or not to buy a work of art and pay special attention to relevant factors about the artist and their career,  the market trajectory, the works provenance, condition, literature, exhibition history and comparative uniqueness.

Amazon told me not to listen to David. They said the motive here is that anyone can be an art collector.

Based on that I browsed through their catalogue of works and went for a collection based entirely on emotional connection, for instance Natasha Law’s Gold Skirt, I’ve been a fan of Natasha Law’s for a while. A hip cool English chick whose inky, sexy, line drawings lie on the boundaries between art and fashion, or an etching by Ed Ruscha, who’s work I studied whilst doing a foundation course in art. The particular painting I chose here resonates with me as I spend a great deal of my time being temporarily separated from someone! Or a beautiful image from an unheard of photographer. With the increasing amount of photo technology and a multitude of apps at out finger tips, we all become instant photographers, but it still takes a trained eye to produce something worth hanging on your wall.

So if you are someone who might not know quite where to start, why not have a look around here yourself. Its not nearly as intimidating as you might think…

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  1. Hi India – I am one of the artists whose work you chose for your collection on Amazon. It makes me very happy to have touched you in an emotional way. You are someone who makes a difference in this world and that is what a strive to do with my artwork. I felt the same way at first about placing my work on the Amazon site….but really isnt it true that you can make a difference in someone’s life wherever you can regardless of status, fame etc? Happy you made that choice as well. Truly, anyone who appreciates art and beauty can be a collector

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