“What was your worst fashion moment?” the moderator on the Atlanta Design panel asked Sybil Sylvester on the stage beside me. “Well…..” she said, considering the question carefully. “I think it was when my husband and I first took a trip to New York and we wanted to really impress everyone, so we wore matching his-and-her outfits…. and we could not understand why everyone was staring at us.” It was a panel discussion about design, life and fashion, sponsored by Flower magazine, a favorite of the south.

Atlanta is a generous city. I was invited to do a book talk in Ainsworth Noah, a tea party in Huff Harrington, cocktails in Robuck & Co., and a Get Together in Woo cosmetics.

During cocktails in Robuck I stood on their handsome staircase and explained a little bit about my direct sales biz, and the collections I had designed. I confessed I found it hard to remember what city I was in because I have travelled quite a bit recently launching the company, and because I had drunk way too much Diet Coke which surely frazzles your brain.

When I finished talking the music went back on, more drinks were poured, and the sound of warm Southern gossip and laughter floated about. A woman came over to me and said she loved what I had said, and wow, was I cool. I was cool?

“I can’t believe you just confessed that you did so much coke.”

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  1. Atlanta looked good on you! or perhaps it was the 4 inch heels…
    Nick is a hoot and you are fabulous
    Hoping these beetles bring me luck.

    April Willis
    609 667 4661 whatsapp

  2. Loved having you in Atlanta, I will never pick up a Diet Coke without thinking of you!!xo

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