This time last week I was in Texas baby. Houston, Austin, Dallas and onto Denver, which I gather is not in Texas, but by the time I got there you could have told me anything and I would have believed you.

After my book signing in Houston, our VP of sales and I looked at each other as it dawned on us that the entire IH collection which had so efficiently been shipped from our distribution center now had to get to Austin for the event the following day.

Cue a very lovely IH Style Ambassador, Candace Rodrigues, who offered to drive it from one city to the other. She really did. She said it would be a good excuse to come to another IH Get Together and she would bring her Mum too and they’d just have a lovely time chatting and driving. I can understand that, my mother always tries to trap me in a car so we can catch up, although the last time she got really cross with Siri because she kept interrupting and she had an American accent which my mother felt was unhelpful in the English countryside.

My VP Jeanette and I flew to Austin, arrived at the hotel, met our host, the rather gorgeous Amber Perley and explained to her that despite being empty handed the collection was safely on its way and would be with us well before guests arrived so we could set everything up. WRONG. The Style Ambassador and her Mum were chatting so much that they missed a few exits and then hit a bit of traffic. Six came and went and still no collection, candles were lit, guests arrived, The Rolling Stones rolled as the Austin sun set. And then I realized, it really didn’t matter, we were having a wonderful time regardless, sharing stories with new friends on a warm gentle evening.

In fact the collection did make it before the guests left and Amber’s porcelain parrot met my good luck beetle and all was well.

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  1. We did make it, and it was a beautiful event. Two nights i won’t ever forget, my mother either. Happy to be on this journey. Not sure where it will go, but happy to be part of the beginning. Thank you India.

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