Baby Owl Live On HSN This Tuesday

My father died sixteen years ago. My mother was devastated, naturally.

However, she did find rather a good solution to the question of what to do with the now un-slept on, clean sheeted side of the bed.
One week she would sleep on one side of the bed, the next week she would move over to the other.

I am thinking a lot about sheets at the moment, not just because I was recently staying with my mother, and long enough to see both sides of the bed used, but also because I am introducing my latest bedding collection with HSN tomorrow, Tuesday.

You can watch me live at 6am 10am 6pm 11pm EST.

The difference is you probably won’t have consumed extraordinary amounts of Red Bull, CocaCola, and Mars bars, in order to make it through the day, and you won’t be looking like a maniacal baby owl, with oversized staring pupils, by the time midnight rolls around and the last show wraps.

One thought on “Baby Owl Live On HSN This Tuesday”

  1. Dearest India,
    Tears fell at the reading of this post.
    True love between parents, would sleep on beloved’s side to somehow feel the essence of the other person.
    It is so very personal to share such things, but tears fell here this am, at your loss and sensitivity to life. h.

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