Back in Boston

It was odd being back in Boston. I had been at photography school there when I was 19, living in a tiny apartment with three boys, all lunatics.

The carpet of the apartment was so synthetic that if you rubbed your feet on it, just a little bit, you could give someone quite a nasty electric shock. So we did this, a lot, rubbing our feet on the carpet to electrocute each other. After a while we started wearing our motor bikes helmets around the apartment. If you wore the helmet you didn’t get the shock. We’d open the helmet visor just enough to eat our cereal through it.

4 of us, wearing helmets, in pajamas, eating cereal.

Once we held a party, Mike had the idea of ‘borrowing’ clothes from Lois of Boston, they had a 48-hour return policy. Did Lois of Boston think anything odd about a 19-year-old buying a $3,000 custom Italian suit? Apparently not.  The party got a little bit wild, the suit did not fare well. The return of the suit did not go according to plan. But that’s another story.