Ballet Boots

“Where are you going Domino?”
“To dance class”

Why is she wearing white fur boots? And should I remind her we live in the Bahamas, a tropical country?

My friend Clemmie has just arrived to spend a few months on the island, a sabbatical from England, where you really do wear fur boots in November.

She took her 3 little girls to join Domino at the dance class. 

Coming from the quiet ballet rooms of a proper British upbringing, where the lovely old biddy plays the piano in a dusty corner and neat rows of little girls, in tight buns, point their pink ballet slippers into position one, two & three, it was some what of a surprise to find BeyoncĂ© blasting from a stereo, as Miss Tamara, in an inspiring skin tight boob tube, encouraging the girls to shake their booty’s.