Banger’s Home

Look who came home.

And if you watch for a moment you will see just how happy he is to be home.
“The best part,” said Amory, “is Banger’s big boner!” Thank you Amory.

I was actually relieved there was a boner. When I collected him from the vet, after two months, complete with amputated paw, stitched front pads, and double cone, he hardly acknowledged me. He was shivering and hobbling and only halfheartedly attempting to say hello.

We took a train, a plane, and a boat to get back, and all the while he was quiet. Not a word spoken.
But the moment we pulled into our driveway his head lifted, and so too his spirits.

I removed the cones, as we arrived, so he could be properly licked and kissed by Samson and Olympia. It was then he showed us just how happy he was.

P.S. I tried his cone on. Its especially long, so his dachshund nose can’t reach the missing paw. So yes, it fit me quite well. And despite what the vet says it’s HORRIBLE.
You know that noise, when you lift a shell to your ear and an annoying adult pretends it’s the sea you can hear? Well that’s what you hear when you have one of these on. It’s also quite hard to see out of, and you have to run with your head tilted up, extra high, or else it catches the ground and chokes you.

P.P.S. One of the love birds had decided to pull out all its feathers whilst I was away. Do they make Love Bird sized cones?