Being British

Piers Morgan just called, as did Katie Couric. And everybody else really. Would I chat to them about Royal Babies?

I know very little about Royal babies. I know something about regular babies and I know a bit about Royal bridesmaids but nothing much about Royal babies. They don’t mind though, they say that I am a good book-end to the aging historians, in their grey suits. That puts a spring in my step. I suddenly feel like a spring chicken, which is welcome, because my 14 year old recently asked if I was born around the same time as Jesus.

I am a monarchist. Rather by default. I have had the very great privilege to spend some time around our Royal family. I see how hard the inner circle work. I can only imagine the pressure of living under a microscope, in the glare of universal flashbulbs, which does not come by choice, but by birth. Possibly a predicament rather than a position, where the private and personal become public domain. A Royal family who can’t answer back, their mouths compelled to remain shut, leaving the world to rely on the testimony of others.

If I had been born as a coal miner in Cardiff would I feel the same? Would I still support Royalty? I think I would. When you really pay attention, our Queen costs less per year than both the Italian and German presidents do, people of whom few have ever heard and have no political power. I would so much prefer the pageantry, color, history and ritual than the bland alternative. The Queen, and the Royal family, cost the British taxpayer less than a pound a year. Is that such a price to pay for a hugely stabilizing influence? When speaking about Our Sovereign, my mother always says “To know her is to admire her above all else”

And so I look forward to the fairy tale easel announcements and 41 gun salutes but I especially look forward to witnessing history in the making, if this Royal baby is a girl she will one day be our Queen, regardless if a brother follows. Three cheers to that. And about bloody time too.

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