Beyond a Handbag

This week I went to an IH Get Together Give Together event and heard Roslyn Cunningham talk about the Msumarini Clinic in Africa, where an Isis bomb recently ripped through this treatment center, killing and maiming many. Roslyn’s IH business has powered the important charity work she is now doing in rebuilding this clinic.

As I stood at the Get Together listening to Roslyn speaking passionately and saw the familiar faces of other IH Ambassadors around the room and felt the warmth and intensity of our Tribe and our own community I remembered why we get up day after day for our business.

Since the beginning, our Tribe has been committed to doing good in their communities – as are we as a company. We launched our Get Together Give Together program last year and we have donated nearly $100,000 to over 400 different charities through the program — a number we plan to triple in 2017.

We are building something really important here, which goes far beyond a handbag.

If you are interested in hosting a Get Together Give Together, please click this link: Host A Get Together.