Today I am 48.

Last year on this day I unwrapped a new website and launched a little series called Extraordinary Lives. Now a year later it’s a full-blooded direct sales business, where lots of other women join me and run it as their own.

If you watch the video (watch the bloody video), you can see its been quite a journey, one that has nearly sucked out my brain and left me panting for breath from the sheer speed at which we’ve been running, but its also been pretty brilliant seeing this grow.

And it’s just the beginning.

7 thoughts on “Today I am 48.”

  1. happy happy birthday India. such an honor to say i know you. have an incredible birthday, wknd, wk, month!!!! my goal is to spend january 16 in Miami with you and the other wonderful tribe members.

  2. Go India! Love your style and your chaotic energy. Come and visit us in New Zealand one day – we are following your journey xxx

  3. Happy Birthday India!
    It is a pleasure & a privilege to be part of your great adventure. A little piece of a poem in honor.

    Britain’s hero SJ (Samuel Johnson) had a circle you know,
    they represented England,
    and the best they did show.
    Though in their company & command we might dream to partake,
    It is one like you IH
    his friends would never forsake!

  4. You are an inspiration to all woman who dream big. Love the video, love your book, If you come to Perth Western Australia, would love to meet you.
    Best wishes. May your star continue ascending.

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