Black Hibiscus

Fragrances take a really long time to conceive – 18  months or more (human life is quicker). So we’re right on schedule with our newest scent – Black Hibiscus, which is launching just about a year and a half after English Rose and Wild Spiderlily, became mild obsessions for many of our customers (and their other halves).

This one is the essence of Island Life captured by the suggestion of sea air, orange blossom, and hibiscus. The image of dusk falling, a warm night arriving, and the faint sound of the ocean as the island drifts toward sleep.

Many of our Ambassadors had their first whiff of a version of this scent a year ago when we gathered at an art-filled hotel in North Carolina. It was labeled a winner by these discerning noses and so the refinements began, and when we gathered together this year in Palm Beach, it was met with much cheering.

In the world we inhabit, with so many different demands on our energy each day, we sometimes wish for a bit of protective armor – almost an invisible cloud of chic. Since we haven’t figured a way to move through the day projecting a personal soundtrack, a fabulous, slightly indefinable fragrance does it nicely. Scent taps into our sense of self and expresses creativity as nothing else can. The right one can become part of a persona, offering invisible courage and personal indulgence as it swirls about.

It can serve as a sensory escape to one’s happy place, accessed by simply taking a deep breath. This one offers that element through the energetic Earl Grey tea and orange blossom notes, shifting into the tropical hibiscus, but later, as evening falls, the skin musk creates the perfect amount of decadence drifting into the world and possibly encouraging a bit of slightly dangerous fun.

Black Hibiscus. It’s unexpected and craveable in the most attractive way.