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Designer Showhouse

It was a great honor to be invited to be one of the designers for this year’s Hampton Designer Showhouse. I was asked to design the pool area. I could do anything I wanted. Anything at all. All sorts of naughty ideas came into my head. But I remained true to my traditional classic self, and with the help of Frontgate, we created an area that felt laid back, elegant and easy.  

My whole theme was a soft palette, with little color, and lots of natural textures. Somewhere you could enjoy a game of backgammon, as the kids dried off on an oversized sun-lounger, and the dogs snored under the table, and in the evening you danced under the stars with friends and family.
Next door to me, another designer was busily readying their area. A small outdoor terrace, showcasing their aesthetic. Loud bright colors, energetic mixed patterns, plastic modern furniture.
The Yin to my Yang.  

This week there was a big reception party and lots of press and buzz and chit chat about the Showhouse. Everybody seemed excited.  

I received many kind comments, in particular an email from an admirer who said she just adored what I had designed, she loved the whole approach, in fact she wanted to buy every last bit of it.
She just loved my bright color schemes and mixed patterns and plastic modern furniture.  


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Designer Spotlight: India Hicks in Bahamian Escapes Magazine



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Swimming Pigs

Just look at the color of the water. This is not a swimming pool. This is the Exuma's. An exotic collection of footprint free beaches and sapphire blue waters.
Oh yes, AND A SHARK! 
Swimming with all five of my children. 

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But oddly the friendly shark and the children together in the ocean was not as mind blowing as the SWIMMING PIGS...
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Over the years these funny creatures have developed longer snouts that help them stay afloat more efficiently. 

As Amory fed the piggies his sandwich (promise it was not a BLT) one very large sow poked her nose right into my camera lens leaving a great big smudge (seen here) 

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I do hope this is the one and only time I witness my eldest child being chased by the pigs.
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So inspired by all I see around me on the island; including the husk of a coconut, found in the palm groves of my garden, and chopped up by my children, alarmingly wielding a machete. I developed it into a pattern for my bedding collection, paired with my Double Hemstitch Cotton Sheet Set even a Dolly and her bunny fall asleep fast.


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A year or so ago, when Domino's hair was about this short, we went to the Alps to spend some time in the snow.  

We had a friend, who had a friend, who had a hotel. A new, chic, immaculate hotel, where everything had the feeling of dove grey cashmere, and beside the indoor swimming pool was a burning log fire, and an attractive man holding a fluffy robe for when you got out.   

No, we were not staying there. We were staying down the icy road, in a small tired hotel, that had a damp roof, which dripped, on the inside.
But the friend of the friend introduced us to the owner of the new hotel, who felt he should invite us to dinner. 

"It will be fun" he said "my son is the same age as your daughter. It could be a first date".  

In anticipation of the first date Domino was persuaded into a dress and her hair was brushed.

Our host greeted us. He seated us at the best table. Good wine was poured. Good food was eaten. My terrible boys behaved.  

Domino, seated beside her date, the five year old boy, had not said one word all night. They had not even looked at each other. It was as if neither existed.  

Just as good coffee was served, Domino turned to the boy, putting her fingers to her lower eye lids, she pulled them right down, revealing the terrible sight of her exposed, raw, inner lids, and said "Look bloooood".
Interestingly a second date was not suggested.

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Photo by ©brittangoetz

Five Guys

Stuffed into her brother's oversized wake boots and life jacket she suddenly decided it was her turn. Success first time. Living up to her James Bond name. 
That's my girl. Which sometimes I have to remind her. 
"You are a girl" 
"Errrr, yes, I think I know that" 
"Then why don't you wear pretty dresses like other girls?" 
"Because dresses are ugly" 
It’s quite upsetting. I already have 4 boys.

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IndiaHicks.com is evolving.

I am closing this chapter, ever thankful for the support you have shown me, but excited by a new chapter ready to unfold. 

As I move forward, I look back and am inspired by those who have taken their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Join me on this new journey as I continue to explore the themes of family, adventure, responsibility and design, and I begin to unveil my new venture, focusing on helping other women create their own extraordinary life.

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There Will Be Sunshine Again

So many caring souls have enquired recently about Banger's progress, since being run over several weeks ago. The news is far from good. Whilst healing from the extensive operation to save his leg, the paw became infected. Quickly and dangerously so.   

Banger returned to Dr.Wise who hoped he could save the infection from traveling to the bone but tragically the paw was amputated a few days ago.   

I so wish I could reassure Banger that he is a strong chap and he will one day soon live a happy life on three paws.  

And whilst Banger shivers, alone in the veterinary clinic, recovering, I try to comfort Conrad, my eleven year old, and Bangers real master, with memories of Banger in happier times, sunbathing at home, as always the center of attention.

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I grew up holidaying on Eleuthera. Every year we would cross the glass windows bridge on our way to visit historic Harbour Island.   

I only got in the car because of the promise of ice cream at the other end. 
And every year we would stop on the bridge "Look" my mother would say "The Atlantic to one side, the Caribbean to the other". I could only think of ice cream.   

Now with my own children crossing this bridge, we slow down "Yeah, yeah" they say "We know, the Atlantic to one side, the Caribbean to the other". They don't get ice cream.

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Pebbles found by Domino. Necklace designed by me.


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