Breast Cancer – This Month and Beyond

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My own Mama had breast cancer. Years ago. She told none of us kids, didn’t want to be a bother, just got on with it, fought and survived it. Wesley’s Mother had breast cancer, she too got on with it, fought it as best she could, but did not survive.

It’s an important month to recognize an important disease. Many of our IH Ambassadors hold Get Together Give Togethers this month, and they, along with their Hosts and IH, donate back to breast cancer initiatives. Our GTGT program is set up so that our Ambassadors are able to raise awareness for the charities of their choice…perhaps not always for breast cancer but others far and wide…causes that mean something particular to them. We, at IH, encourage that as best we can. Just recently, we highlighted St Jude’s Children Research Hospital, Boys & Girls Club, Dress For Success … During last week’s Live & Unbleeped, my guest Jack mentioned the charity he works with See Beyond Borders.

As it is Breast Cancer Month, I wanted to send huge thanks to all those who raised funds through IH for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure so we may protect our daughters and future generations.

I am pretty sure that last week, Lynn, Wesley’s mama, was looking down from above and feeling the same sense of pride in seeing her beautiful boy graduate as a marine technician. Lynn and her fight will never be forgotten, but this month we pay particular attention.