Chantel Waterbury

A sense of wonder, belief in the power of education and the most incredible willingness to hustle are just some of the traits that made Chantel Waterbury into the rock star CEO she is today. As the daughter of a struggling single mum on an off welfare all her childhood, she is certainly the real deal.

After her own meteoric rise through the ranks of big name retailers and luxury brands alike, Chantel founded Chloe + Isabel with hopes of redefining retail for a new generation of women.

Honest with her opinions, not afraid to say where she stands on a given issue, never ruffled and super controlled; thousands of younger women joined Chantel in her mission.

Surely these fledgling entrepreneurs are keen on the jewelry, yet it might just be Chantel’s own extraordinary story — one that includes selling nearly $30,000 of knives door-to-door as a teenager in order to pay for college — that truly draws people into the world she’s created.

She certainly caught my attention.

5 thoughts on “Chantel Waterbury”

  1. Love this story.
    It is often the pain we go thru as children and young adults that bring us the jewels later in life if we can harness the truth of what is just underneath the pain….. Bravo!!!


  2. I am one of the merchandiser manager for Chloe and Isabel, Chantel vision is truly an inspiration to us all, Chloe and Isabel is much more than jewelry, it’s a sisterhood,We come together from all walks of life,for one common goal, supporting each other…Thank you Chantel for all you do.

  3. Having watched my niece Chantel grow into the amazing woman she is, has made her family extremely proud! Chantel’s mother was my older sister. Thank you for the article, and recognition she and her sisterhood deserves.

  4. As Chantel’s cousin, I can only say how abundantly proud our family is. She is truly an inspiration to the women of this world!

  5. I share Chantel’s story proudly with anyone who cares about bettering themselves and those who have a desire to help others do the same. She’s the epitome of hard work paying off. So proud to be a part of the C+I family!

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