Christmas Crackers, Cakes and Puddings

I realized recently just how many bizarre Christmas customs we Brits have. Christmas crackers, for example, are not something you eat with cheese. They are made from paper, have a loud bang when pulled, and are filled with paper crowns, silly jokes and small toys.

Christmas without crackers is unthinkable.

Mince pies are another incredibly festive British tradition. For the uninitiated, we should probably clear something up straight away: mince pies are not made of meat. (Read more here)

We set our plum puddings alight, with a lot of brandy, matches and burnt fingers. Then we sit down to tea and the Queen’s speech, with a huge chunk of Christmas cake, which is a fruitcake dressed up in thick layers of marzipan and icing.

This year ours was decorated with edible snowflakes.

Edible snowflakes in the Bahamas, now that’s a thought.

For those of you who asked, here is Claire’s Christmas Cake recipe.