Conrad’s Swim

Conrad, just shy of 12 years old, decided to raise some much needed money for The Dunmore Academy, his old school on Harbour Island.

His father suggested he swim between two islands. I nearly fainted. Not because I doubted our chap could do it (he represented the Dragon School in the English Nationals) but because several sharks have also been enjoying this swim recently. A spotter boat followed him closely along the way.

His younger sister spooned ice cubes into his mouth and even his eldest brother came blinking out of his man-cave, into the dazzling daylight in support.

Cleverly asking shoppers in the Sugar Mill and unsuspecting friends at a cocktail party and generous Godparents to sponsor him, Conrad raised over $5,000.

Today, Conrad was a rock star.

If you want to learn more about the Dunmore Academy or perhaps make a donation to support a local child’s education please click here:



2 thoughts on “Conrad’s Swim”

  1. India,
    You gave Conrad a wonderful birthday party! You said you have a broken finger, oh my. Not a good time with a broken finger to do work, and even your daily living. I do want you to heal soon! x Donna

  2. One person can make a change.. India you must be beyond proud of him for his long swim. Your an amazing Mother. Ox, Lizanne

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