A Nice Chap From Seattle

A nice chap from Seattle came to stay on the island a few years ago, with a hot yoga wife and three kids.

They came over for supper and drank a lot of tequila. We liked them. We became friends.

A few nights later one of my kids pointed to a film on TV, “Look its him!”

I googled Dave Mathews. Good Lord, this scruffy dude was a mega music star. With a colossal frenetic following and two Grammy awards. How had we not noticed?

Dave came to England to perform a couple of years ago. I took my two eldest boys to see him, even though they were quite little at the time, we went backstage, sat in his changing room and watched the pre-show circus go by.

After a while an assistant ushered us out, “Dave needs to get ready now,” she said in a hushed tone. We went to take our seats. “What do you think he’s going to wear?” asked one of the boys. We had also sat with Mick Jagger before one of his concerts and when the lights went down Mick came out in a sparkling peacock blue shirt undone to the waist and skin tight leather trousers with crocodile boots.

As the Dave Mathews Band concert began, the lights flashed and the auditorium drummed their feet on the ground in excitement and anticipation, and out onto the stage walked Dave, dressed in the same cozy cardigan and jeans that we had just left him in. And I loved him all the more.

Last week whilst I was away David sent me this snap with the words: ‘Dave wants more’ But of what? Tequila or beetle scarves?

3 thoughts on “A Nice Chap From Seattle”

  1. Perhaps he burst into song after this..one of my faves by Dave
    “Excuse me please..one more drink..can you make it strong cause I don’t need to think..she..broke my heart my grace is gone..one more drink and I’ll move on..We were in Harbour Island a couple weeks ago while Dave was there. We saw him multiple times during the day but never approached him. We didn’t want to interrupt his vacation but later learned from Jay Jay that Dave is quite approachable..so we must live with the regret! Maybe next time…

  2. I had nicknamed Dave the Pied Piper while seeing him on the Island this past February…he was always barefoot, eating yummy food at various places with loads of children strutting their stuff while following him around the island. It was quite magical seeing him for the most part undisturbed and enjoying every moment of his time away. Being with his children and his children’s friends and having as normal of a time as a rock star possibly can, seemed to have been a mission accomplished. He was gracious to all. VERY Cool, GOOD, ok make it, GREAT man and DAD!

  3. One of my favorite bands! I try to see him play once a year. Love that I stumbled across this post!

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