11 is Tricky

11 is tricky….10 was easy – it was Unicorns, obviously unicorns. Twelve will probably be a dance party or something equally tweenie, but 11 was like, what the heck do we do? So, we grabbed a theme that looked vaguely appealing and ran with it. In truth, this was much more for me than her. I love a theme. So, Rose Gold it was, and once you look, you find it blinking everywhere – pens, plates, name tags, balloons. We even found a rose gold karaoke microphone and rose gold flared candles.

I found inexpensive paper poofs in a mix of dusty pinks. They were inexpensive, I later discovered, because we had to poof them ourselves and that took bloody hours. I ordered a length of raw pink netting which I chopped with kitchen scissors and then staple-gunned to the layer of plywood we had to cover the good wood table underneath. The stapling looked so shit that I then staple gunned some greenery I had left over from a flower display over the top.

Final touches were paper rose gold foiled cups, rose gold mason jars with twinkly lights, folding bamboo chairs without cushions, (I minded much less about the comfort of the 11 year old bottoms than I did about my white cushions) and cheap string lights in the shape of stars.

The recipe for a successful 11 year old birthday party seemed to be a mix of the ingredients above and the ingredients below: a wrought iron tub filled with water to bob apples, followed by a head dunk in flour hunting for a cork which produced huge amounts of giggles and revolting gluey faces; stamping on balloons tied to your ankles, a chocolate fountain and a good amount of musical statues.

But, really from a decoration point of view, the only ingredient you will ever need is a glue gun…. you can create almost anything with a glue gun – a hat, a broach a Pterodactyl.