Double OH NO

I asked some of our Ambassadors for their sh*ttiest Valentine’s Day gifts; it transpires there are a few…

Jessica was given a spanking new set of golf clubs. She doesn’t play golf.

After several years of nothing, Kate’s husband finally got the message, ordered a stretch limo to whisk her off to a candlelit dinner. It got stuck at the other end of their narrow street and the driver had to release them though the sunroof.

Laini found herself the puzzled owner of the early 90s’ fitness wonder – endorsed by Suzanne Somers – the Thigh Master.

Ethea got a sheep’s halter. Yes truly; a sheep’s halter.

And Donna’s husband Mark presented her with a blanket decorated with a heart. As she opened it she looked puzzled. “You don’t like it do you?” he said. “I do, but you bought me the same one last year for my birthday, just that that one doesn’t have the boys’ birthdates on it.” “Oh F***,” said Mark. “Whose birthday is September 9th?” She asked. “Marco’s!” said Mark brightly. “That’s Sept 8th” she replied. “Double F**k,” said Mark.

To prevent a double F**k, go for a gift box