Doxie Detox

January. Detox.
Reading this everywhere.

A little bell of guilt rings somewhere inside me as I pop another Charbonnel and Walker rose cream in my mouth.

“It’s not you I worry about” says Top Banana, when I mention the word detox “It’s HIM” she says, pointing to the dachshund, lying on his back, snoring, four legs pointing heavenward.

I get out the scales and balance Banger on top. We google ‘Ideal Miniature Dachshund Weight’.
Banger’s Christmas was clearly too good.

The internet is rife with beginning of the year diet suggestions for us but there is a distinct lack of dachshund diets. Odd.

So we create our own. Dr. India and Top Banana.
1. Replacing regular food with diet formula
(Beware, this change involves many more small piles of poop, that get smudged down the drive by Hello Kitty bicycle wheels)
2. An absolute no tidbits policy
3. Policing the big dogs feeding time
4. Doing lengths in the pool. If your dachshund does not live on a tropical island or has access to a swimming pool then we suggest increasing daily walkies.
5. Weekly weigh-ins.

2 thoughts on “Doxie Detox”

  1. My doxies get green beans in their food to help fill them up. Also, they love pieces of a carrot or an apple as a treat. You are right – swimming is excellent exercise for dogs. It is especially important to keep daschunds weight in control as it helps their backs from having trouble.

  2. I’m thrilled to hear about Bark Expresso! Dog fienlrdy eateries do exist in the USA . What a grand time you had and watching those 5 Doxies run around and play sounds like a real hoot.Roberta recently posted..

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