Dr. Wang

My neck was complaining, too many beds, too many planes. All down the left side it froze, then over to the right side, then down my leg and across to my eye.

“You need an acupuncturist,” said my friend. “Dr. Wang. He’s good. I will make an appointment.”

Sleepy wale music played in his office. I was ushered into a room with big glass windows, that overlooked the turning autumnal trees. I was asked to remove my shoes and switch off my phone. I began to get nervous.

They left me in there whilst they reviewed my paperwork. The paperwork had asked if I was addicted to anything, I couldn’t think of anything, as I emptied the bowl of Dr. Wang’s Chinese Ginger chews into my bag.

I looked around, the room was very sparse, except for a basket of stones, on which words were written, good healing words like, miracle and destiny. On the largest stone was the word PATIENCE. I turned my phone back on and quickly sent a text to my friend “Dr. Wang is not going to like me.”

Dr. Wang came back into the room. I hid my phone.
“You now tell me about yourself,” he said.
“Sure,” I began, “but I really need to be out of here in the next hour.”
“You don’t worry about time,” said Dr. Wang, “tell me about yourself.”

I did a super speedy intro which included me pacing about and lots of hand gestures to get to the point quicker.

“You need to quiet down,” said Dr. Wang firmly. “I turn lights off now, this keep you quieter,” and he left the room again. I didn’t feel quieter.

A little while later, wale music still playing, I was lying face down with Dr. Wang poking needles into me.
“This very soothing,” he said, as yet another needle went in.
“This is not soothing, Dr. Wang, this is scary.”
“Ooh, you big baby, you need meditation.”
“Ouch,” I said as he moved to my neck.
“That not me, that you,” said Dr. Wang, which was unfair I thought because it really did feel like Dr. Wang was sticking sharp needles into me…..

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  1. I started to have all those issues, just like what you stated with your neck that progressed to other areas, when I realized I was in Peri-Menopause…! It changes the chemistry in your body which effects your mood and physicality. I think twice weekly body work and if you can, monthly spa treatments will help you ease thru it more.. It is not easy and most women do not talk openly about this. Google 35 symptoms of Peri-Menopause… It can be a process that takes 10 years or longer to go thru… Sex helps a lot too!!!!

  2. I emailed about this, but where did you get this photo? I know the property that is in the photo and it has no relationship with “Dr Wang” or “India Hicks” so where did it come from?

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