Earth Day Dinner

An Earth Day dinner and Bill’s birthday, all good, except we ended up with the wacky number of 13 friends, which meant Domino would sit on my lap to allay any silly superstitions and David extended our normal skinny table using the sides of the boys skate ramp up. Impressive Earth Day up-cycling, no?

But the table was now wider than usual, and none of our regular cloths fitted and being late Friday evening on a small island leaves you using the F word quite a bit, till you remember the discarded sheets from a past HSN bedding collection, gathering mildew in the back of a linen cupboard.

Quickly spritzed with my Spider Lily fragrance, chopped in half with kitchen scissors, and laid up at top speed by Top Banana, Rissy and myself, we lit the candles on the dot of eight.

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  1. I’ve been using embroided “grandmothers” sheets as tablecloths since years. They are more beautiful then what one can buy nowadays ! Only the cleaning women gets a bit confused about “where” to store them …

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