Every Summer Has Its Story

“Every Summer Has Its Story” is painted in big letters across our shop window. “That’s brilliant,” I said to Linda. “What made you think of that?” Linda began to explain until her daughter Jasmine, sitting quietly behind us, interrupted, “Excuse me Mother, it was ME that gave you the idea!”

Ooohh Linda, caught red-handed.

Every summer does have its story. These images, new today on my website, tell a little bit of ours so far…

The wild and strong French actress, Judith Godrèche, wears our Siren Scarf. Judith wandered into our lives for a few days, bringing with her great tales of a fresh start in Los Angeles, and kissing Taylor Schilling in the new indie film, The Overnight. And who doesn’t want to kiss Taylor Schilling?

I want to kiss Taylor Schilling.

And here too are Felix’s girlfriends, part of the 18-strong crew who came to celebrate his eighteenth birthday. And being eighteen, it seemed entirely sensible to one of the girls to piggyback on top of two others and for all three to end up crashing down. I was away on a work trip; David coped valiantly when the girl’s chin needed stitches. Her mother wrote from England to say so sorry. “There is always one,” she said. She was just apologetic it had to have been her daughter.

When I returned home from my trip, I stumbled over a pair of crutches in my kitchen. Perhaps there was more than “one” after all.

I am carrying our Eleuthera Tote, filled with life’s essentials (red licorice and dog leads). But oh how quickly this bag will be filled with more stories of this summer.

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