Extraordinary Lives: Randi Heisler

The Wine Doc Connection and Living Extraordinary Every. Damn. Day.

Randi Heisler

North Dakota, USA


Randi Heisler is our first Ambassador in North Dakota. Now, I’m not certain that I’d locate her state on my first try—being British I recently thought that Philadelphia was surely a suburb of Manhattan– but I do know that she’s my kind of girl.

Randi’s son Aspen is eight and a survivor of childhood cancer. “He is exceptional. We were told he wouldn’t live past two. That he would never walk. This tiny wonder defied all of those dire pronouncements and more,” Randi recounts.

These days Aspen is mostly healthy, but proving doctors wrong sometimes comes with side effects. Recently, he had some issues with his spine and Randi was doing all she could to find another surgeon for a second opinion.

She describes her process as such, “Pull out your hair, drink a bottle of wine, and cry.”  Well, it turns out that wine and our Tribe of Ambassadors actually held the answer to this particular problem.

A fellow Ambassador posted one of Randi’s favorite wines on Instagram and she happened to see the post. The two struck up a chat, which led to an introduction to a fellow wine lover who just happens to be married to a world-renowned spine surgeon. The Heislers had seen him when Aspen was first diagnosed, but he was abroad and they were assigned a different surgical team. And then, just when they needed him most, Randi had his number and an appointment for a second opinion scheduled within five minutes.

“Hair pulling, wine, and crying was replaced with a new girlfriend, champagne, and hope just like that,” Randi says.

She goes on to say, “This is just ONE example of how this group of extraordinary women, this Tribe, this amazingness has rocked my world. The world really is so much smaller than we make it. It shouldn’t take hair pulling, wine, and tears to come together and really be there for each other. This business is so much more than ‘business’ and I truly believe in living extraordinary. Every. Damn. Day.”

I couldn’t have said it any better than that. And I may adopt every. damn. day. as my new motto. Here’s to Randi, Aspen, wine, and being there for one another.

If you would like to make a donation to help fight childhood cancer through research and family support, visit Brave the Shave to learn more.