I am blessed because my father and my grandparents were each, in their own way, the embodiment of ‘extraordinary’. My mother still is. I try my best to emulate their talents and to live my life by the values that shaped theirs.

I am also privileged that my extended family life and my work life allow me to cross paths with so many amazing people. Trailblazers who have made life work for them, on their own terms; not only because of what they have done but also what they continue to do. Some have defied the expectations and conventions of their peers and colleagues; many of them challenged their own comfort zones. They all have their stories to tell. I am honoured therefore that so many of them have agreed to chat with me, in a thread of interviews we are launching here called ‘Live an Extraordinary Life’.

Over the coming months I will have the opportunity to highlight some of the characteristics that I admire, that inspire me, that drive me on: courage, imagination, tenacity and self belief. The answers I received (to my many questions) gave me a glimpse of what it takes to live a little differently and to make a difference. I learned that success can come not only from energy, entrepreneurial zeal and timing but from many other places too. It’s about seeing possibilities in adversity. It’s about caring for others. It’s about pushing yourself a little further than you thought was possible. It’s about not giving up on yourself.

I hope that you too will find things in them to inspire you. To dare to be your strongest, most creative, most authentic self. To live an extraordinary life – whatever it throws your way.