Extraordinary Summer of Giving

Last week in Orlando, on my way to see Minnie Mouse, I joined Ambassador Molly Fulghom, who was hosting a Get Together Give Together. It was Sunday morning, the sun was shining and I had my five children with me. Everything felt right.


Just a little while later, I was standing in a room with other women all quietly crying, whilst Kelly King softly talked us through the death of her 5 year-old son.


She is intent on educating people about the disparity that exists in childhood cancer. She spoke about trying to change the future for other families by giving them options rather than hospice, antiquated treatments or lifelong heath implications.


When you listen to a mother describe how her child suffered, eyes rolling from so much morphine in an attempt to shut off some of the pain, bleeding from the mouth and nose, and watching slowly as their final days disappear, nothing feels right about Sunday morning anymore.


How remarkable, though, Kelly was, standing strong in front of us sharing her story and explaining about the charity she is connected to: Cannon Ball Kids’ Cancer (embed link: https://cannonballkidscancer.org/)

She reminded us about some of the facts; in 1975 women with breast cancer had a 55% chance of survival. Now the survival rate is 90%. So aside from kid’s leukemia, which has a high rate of survival, kid’s cancer is where breast cancer was 40 years ago.


Three things are essential to move this forward: early detection, education and fundraising, which is what had brought us together that Sunday morning.

As this photograph was taken, Domino slid into my lap and we raised our arms in the air, and were reminded that every day is a gift.


Learn more about Cannon Ball Kids’ Cancer: https://cannonballkidscancer.org/

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