A Family Affair

It’s a family affair, this fall collection.

My beautiful sister Edwina, named after our legendary stylish grandmother, sketched out a Crown Imperial flower for our scarves.

Our crossbody bag with swappable insider is named after my twenty-something year old niece, Maddison May, because she changes her mind about her look and style every few hours.

Also heavily influenced by my father, David Hicks, and his infamous geometric patterns, I created my own repeat pattern design, named Heritage, seen on the scarves and our new Flat Stanley pouch.

Please tell me you know who Flat Stanley is. He’s that small chap who is thin enough to slip under doors and travels the world on great adventures.

Around my mother’s home in England there are fields of wild red poppies and the disgusting smelling acid yellow rapeseed crop. Both these colors make their debut in the collection along side taxi black, bridesmaid ivory, double decker red and Cornwall blue. Very British indeed, whilst stingray, gecko, shells, and crescent moons take us back to the Bahamas.

Now I sincerely hope you like this fall collection, because believe me– designing, creating, developing, manufacturing and delivering a full fall collection on time, on a tiny budget, with a tiny team involves a certain amount of patience and a lot of rolling your eyes so far to the back of your head you actually end up having rearranged your eyeballs.

3 thoughts on “A Family Affair”

  1. Hi India,
    Wow, what a spectacular 2015 Fall Collection! So many beautiful products to choose from and one wants them all! I am so honored to be an Independent Style Ambassador with India Hicks, Inc.. I am happy to be part of a tribal team spirit that has a positive affect on my daily life! Woohoo! x Donna

  2. Wishing one day you hit Australian shores India with your divine products. I absolutely love my Duchess – my husband is in on it now and says, ‘Got the Duchess with you today?” My staff are in awe of her – and how she went to America – and was posted to me here in Melbourne.
    I will wait – and live in hope to become a Style Ambassador – part of the Tribe, and part of the one the ground people in Australia. Warmest Wishes, xx

  3. The Fall collection and your comments about the the pressures behind launching it resonated with me more than you know! I find the ones with the greatest sense of humor are the ones who have endured Much in this life and have an important story to share. Thanks for sharing it and keeping us on our toes! XO

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