A Fond Farewell

Today is my last day. Three years is a long time, nearly half of Domino’s life. When the relationship with HSN (Home Shopping Network) started Domino was not the sophisticated self she is now, she would tap the TV screen trying to get my attention.

I will miss the weird HSN bubble of life where a 3:30am start is completely normal, and those rather glam hostesses are pushed around in wheelchairs between sets because they are so valued, and the gigantic call centers hum with life as hundreds of thousands of Americans call in to buy the latest leopard printed kitty bed.

“How many will be in your entourage, Ms. Hicks?” they asked each time I arrived. “Just me,” I would say, much to their disappointment, as Serena Williams correctly rocked up with an impressive crew.

Mindy Grossman, HSN’s CEO, gave me a team, taught me confidence and let me tell my stories to her American audience.

I made friends, worked hard, and sold great looking, well produced bedding. It was a trip.

But the time has come to give my new company 100% of my attention. Mindy, and other women like her, inspired me to believe I could build my own business.

Thank you Mindy, thank you HSN.

2 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell”

  1. Congratulations on all of your business entrepreneurial self-stArt companies! I always watched you on HSN! I myself use to live in Clearwater 17 years, and did work in St. Petersburg, Largo and Clearwater. I have many items from your bedding line and they are wonderful! I am one of your 1st Style Ambassadors of the first 25. You have given me confidence to reach out to others and accept your company challenges! x Donna Maher Kennedy Snyder

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