Figue: Meet India Hicks Island Lifer

To say India Hick’s life is the stuff of fairy tales is no exaggeration. As the daughter of Lady Pamela Hicks, Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma, India is the goddaughter of the Prince of Wales. She was born a free-spirit with regal taste—a trait likely acquired from her father the famed decorator David Hicks. 

However, as is the case with most fairy tale endings, it was falling in love that changed her course forever and prompted her move to Harbour Island to start a family. Today, in addition to being an author, television host, hotelier and founder of her eponymous jewelry and home line at, she’s most often found traveling the world and raising her five children. Happily ever after, indeed!  

CURRENT LOCATION: Somewhere mid-Atlantic; I packed three weeks worth of clothes into one overnight bag. It was quite a feat.

OCCUPATION: Designer, creative director and founder of, Instagram addict and exhausted mum.

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE IN THREE WORDS: More classic than modern… but that’s four.

WHAT INSPIRES YOUR AESTHETIC?: I am inspired by so many things: my mother’s extraordinary British heritage, my father’s great archive of daring designs… but mainly, by this small island I live on where you never know what unexpected discovery will lead to a new collection. A few months ago, I was on the beach walking my dogs as dawn broke when a couple of Sandpipers took flight above my head just as the first rays of sun turned from burnt orange to pink. I looked down, and in the small rock pool at my feet, something glistened. It was a tiny, lone fishing hook. And I realized at once what my next jewelry collection would be.


WHAT’S YOUR IDEA OF A PERFECT VACATION: Positano for its calm beauty, sensational views, unforgettable pasta and my run each morning up the thousand steps to the monastery, where donkeys roamed the courtyards and the trees were heavy with ripe figs.

FAVORITE HOTEL: The Carlyle in New York. It’s reassuringly old world and full of charm. I can’t bear those new hotels where the lobbies feel like nightclubs with booming music and dark trendy lighting. Of course, the Carlyle is a rare treat.

IDEAL TRAVEL COMPANION: My mother and David, my other half—both fascinating, patient, amusing and well-traveled.

SECRET PACKING TIP: It’s all about the shoes, not the clothes. I can turn any outfit from day to night with a change of shoe.

MOST-PRIZED SOUVENIR: So many, but most recently we smuggled a baby tortoise home from the Grenadines. He was no bigger than a pebble, and he spent the journey tucked into my daughter’s pencil case. He thrives in the Bahamian sunshine and is occasionally affectionately nuzzled by our dogs or proudly shown off at school.

DREAM DESTINATION: Africa for the societies that are to be prized for their distinctive lifestyles and traditions. Tribal cultures that live in harmony with nature, now a rare in our modern era. I have been several times but long to take my children to witness the splendid  pageantry of animal and man, set against a vivid backdrop of the world’s most pristine landscapes… before it disappears.

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: I travel to… educate myself. I went around the world at 18 with my cousin, my backpack and not much money. It was the best education I’ve ever had.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR INDIA HICKS?: Hopefully a long, uninterrupted hot bath.