George Alexander LOUIS

I can not help but be captivated by this Royal birth. Even on the small island in The Bahamas, where I live, baby fever has crept in. Having given birth to four children, and mothering five, I can not resist the celebration of a birth, Royal or otherwise.  

I was deep in the English countryside, in boarding school, when William was born and so only vaguely aware of the event but it did not go unnoticed that one of his middle names was in memory of my grandfather, who mentored his father, Prince Charles, and kept a protective arm around Charles’ shoulders through his tricky teenage years and beyond. 

As a supportive Godfather to me, Prince Charles invited me one year to take the family’s Christmas photo. I was in photography school at the time, nervous and a novice. I remember suggesting we move away from the formal interiors of Highgrove and go out to the gardens beyond where the children, Prince William and Harry, who were acting as little monkeys, could roam more freely. The family lent on a stone bench, Diana balanced Harry on the top whilst William, climbing up after his brother, suddenly shouted “ Mrs. Thatcher is a ……” And I will have to leave you guessing what Mrs. Thatcher was because that would be telling.

Over the years we have seen William grow from that mischievous monkey into a reassuringly stable man, who values his close relationships with family and friends and honors his position with sensitivity and frankness.

Of course my mother and Aunt are deeply touched that this new addition also carries their father’s name. George Alexander LOUIS.