Get Lost

We bought matching dresses for my Get Together in Miami. I was bringing Domino with me on this trip. “I’m getting our costumes ready,” she said laying them out smartly on the bed and the next morning in the airport she kept pushing the button on the water fountain, squealing in delight when the water spurted out, and when I suggested we go to the cinema and she asked if the “TV screen” would be really, really big in there I realized just how much of an island girl she is.

It was going to be tricky telling my very focused, driven CEO that I would be unavailable for two hours whilst Domino and I went to watch Cinderella on that really, really big TV screen. In a start up business you are pretty much available 24/7.  As we were finishing a conference call I casually slipped it in, “Oh, and I’m not going to be available until 8:30pm.”

Into the movie Domino and I went, settling down, Twizzlers and popcorn in hand. As the film started my phone buzzed, I looked down to see it was Nicholas, the CEO, ringing. I ignored it. About ten minutes later, it buzzed again, a cross CEO-ish kind of buzzing. There must have been an emergency at work. I walked out into the corridor and called him back, “What’s happened?'” I asked worried. “Nothing,” he said, “I just need to go over that presentation with you.” “Now? I told you I wasn’t going to be around until 8:30pm.” “Oops I forgot,” he said, “anyway it must be 8:30pm somewhere in the world.”

I am on my way to Los Angeles for several days work in our corporate offices. This time I am taking Conrad. Then we fly to Costa Rica for a 3-day surfing adventure together. Three days.


Isn’t it interesting that this Love Token around my neck says Get Lost.

5 thoughts on “Get Lost”

  1. Hi India,

    This week I have purchased 2 copies of your gorgeous new book (in Sydney). One copy for me and one copy for a birthday gift. The book is stunning and inspiring – thank you! I can’t put it down.
    All the best with your new business venture.
    Please come back to Sydney soon. I met you briefly in Sydney when you launched your line with C&E.

    Warm regards,

  2. Yes, come and get lost in our part of the world :) I am in NZ and it would be great if you shipped here or if your range were available here! Aisling

  3. We live on an island… it’s just a wee bit bigger than yours :)
    The imagery on your website if beautiful.
    Nicole x
    Melbourne, Australlia

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