Our Great Get Together

We are six months old and we wanted to celebrate with a great big Get Together. We picked a hotel, based entirely on the fact that they had lots of cool art and gigantic pink penguins (it’s the only way to choose a good hotel.) We set a date and sent out invitations.

It was quite an emotional weekend. I told David I had felt like crying on the first evening when I saw everyone gathered together. “You were just tired” he said, in a very English way. I was, really, really tired but that’s not why I wanted to cry.

The weekend was exciting. The new collection was revealed, our CEO talked about our solid foundations, Jeanette spoke about our unique qualities as a spirited lifestyle brand and about storytelling, trailblazers and adventure.

I realized that not only were several of my very close friends there, now partnered in business with me but that I had also made many new friends. I asked every one in that hall to stand up, if they too had a friend in the room or had reconnected with a friend from the past or had made a new friend for the future, and when nearly every person moved to their feet I knew we had created something special.

In the wood paneled dining room on the last evening a steel band played as the smell of orange blossom and night blooming jasmine filled the room from our candles and we acted like proper grown up people, until Donna Summer played and then we danced and arm wrestled.

Somewhere in between all of this I was given the keys to the city of Durham, North Carolina. I knew something was happening when a hush filled the hall, I looked at the IH team to see what was up and they smiled back in that secret way. And then I guessed, a Magic Mike Strip-O-Gram, that’s exactly what they were up to. So when the Lord Mayor walked in I really was confused.

I returned home to the normal madness of family life, Domino had thrown up spaghetti bolognaise all over the kitchen floor and Banger was drinking the water in which Conrad’s tadpoles were growing. I walked in and sat down unnoticed until someone saw me…. “Oh hello Mum, what’s for supper?”

8 thoughts on “Our Great Get Together”

  1. Don’t forget your day…..along with the keys to the city, you were given your own day. India Hicks Day! Thank you for sharing your own personal day with the rest of us. What a great pleasure it all was!! <3

  2. Arrived home with my framed photo which I proudly showed to my family and they said -“She’s young!” Thanks for infusing my life with a kick in the pants to get outside of myself and have some goals to reach for and some good products to lather up with and share.

  3. Thank you, India for an incredible weekend. The attention to detail & your thoughtfulness made it extra special. I made some wonderful new friends & reconnected with someone I had not seen in 29 years. We now message each other on FB! So cool! This experience has forced me to put myself out there & think outside the box. I have also looked at where I want to go with my life & you have inspired me to make some positive changes. Not only am I enjoying the direct sales biz for your brand, but I am going back to school for interior design, a true passion of mine. Thank you for being an inspiration for not only myself, but your entire Tribe!

  4. India, Nicholas, and Mamacity J

    What a whirlwind of an adventure this has become for all of us~~~The new friendships and old connections are full of fire and pushing me to thrive!!! I am absolutely thrilled to have taken the leap of faith in partnering up with your vision and creativity:) May we all aspire to be Bond Girls, and Man (Dwayne)~
    See you in Miami, now it is on the record!!

  5. I almost did not go to the event. But once i received a call from Jeanette and then talked to my wonderful tribe leader Lyssa, I knew it was an event i could not miss. thank you India, Jeanette, and the rest of the India Hicks corporate office.

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