Growing Up Hicks

David Hicks was just a bit eccentric.

Aged eight years old he called the local tailor to his parents house and commissioned a dinner jacket. The only drawback being he had no where to wear the little dinner jacket. He was truly an individual.

He was also a creative genius. This did not make him easy to live with. I know. He was my father.

But it did mean life was never dull. We lived in a world of vibrating color and geometric patterns.

Finally now, creeping out from the shadow of my talented father, I have designed my own geometric pattern, which I use on some of my bags, inside and out.


Visit to see my own geometric acrobatics.

2 thoughts on “Growing Up Hicks”

  1. Who is writing this crap? These posts are awful. Creeping out from the shadow of my father….this has been written so many times over the years (just like ‘she was the flower girl of….the god daugther of…..’). Will the team writing these posts please think of something original or just stop this nonsense please? I used to enjoy this website. I’m not the only one.

  2. Oh my heavens, Alex! Do you expect kudos for your writing critique? If the writing on this blog does not meet your expectations, move on to Mr. Tolstoy’s instead.

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