Happy Birthday, Prince Charles

Every birthday, every Christmas, a card and present would arrive from my Godfather. To begin with, they were signed: from ‘your loving Godfather Charles’, then they became ‘your old Godfather Charles’ and then ‘your ancient Godfather Charles’.

His Royal Highness might be celebrating a 70th birthday this year but, goodness, he is far from ancient. It takes a very fit mind, body and spirit to be engaged in so many charities and military organizations and to be an active patron to hundreds of foundations where his passion and dedication affects such change.

I had the opportunity to meet with a young woman who had been a victim of the most intolerable sex abuse, which led to mental heath issues and subsequently unemployment. The Prince’s Trust has become expert in supporting those in particularly challenging situations. This girl has now been given the skills she needs to live and learn and earn. She is one of hundreds of thousands whose lives have turned around because of the Prince’s Trust and the Prince’s personal vision when he founded the charity.

I am lucky to have such a Godfather, but we all are lucky to have such a Prince amongst us.