I am thinking back to all the things I can be grateful for this past year: the happiness my children bring me, the good health of my mother, the strength of my 18 year love affair with David and I hope that I can carry these with me into the New Year. But I am lucky. In so much. And when I think back to my trip to Haiti, just a week or so ago, I think of the people I met there and wonder what they have to look forward to, living in a country on its knees.

I imagine its moments like those I snapped below: the fishermen bringing in a good catch, the angelic voices of the orphans singing, the school girl holding a good report card, the man mending his nets, the happy dog in a basket on a bike, having a telephone that works, finding something to sell, owning a bunch of bananas, or simply being employed, even if that means holding a shot gun in your hands.

There is of course a deep, dark, under belly to these moments, where the fishing nets are pulled in empty and the shot gun in your hand is let off.

So when in the coming year I feel over whelmed or dare to complain I will try to think of our friends in Haiti and put some perspective back in my life.

Happy New Year.

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