Hate Birds

So you may remember Wesley made a Love Shack for our Love Birds and they actually did the dirty deed and Bunter was born and we thought he would pair up with the sad little blue bird who sat all by himself. But one afternoon Bunter flew away when the door was opened and the little blue bird continued to sit by himself.

David sent a message to Wesley and Amory in school:

“It is too miserable that Green and Yellow are living large in their bird villa, while Blue hangs around the street like a homeless person.

Wes give Amory the pattern for the bird house and Amory make one in Woodwork.
Help for the Homeless”

Amory came home with another Love Shack. Into the cage it went. But by now Mamma and Papa had done more dirty deeds and another baby had been born and can you believe it…into the new villa moved the baby whilst Blue still shivered on the street outside.

Hate Birds indeed.

But this weekend Blue made it into the Wall Street Journal and I think he’s going to be spotted by an agent any day now, although its a bit concerning that the journalist found the china plates more interesting than Blue himself.


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  1. that it was just him in his life now and that he was content living without a computer. I imagine its entertaining for him just to take his boat out on the open sea and fish; who knows, he might even have other friends that do it with him. He did have a cute little dog with him, a long haired datsun.I have often dreamed of selling my car and pimping out a westfalia to to live in. You see a lot of ideas on the internet from other people who retro fit cabinetry, sinks, and entertainment systems for their VW’s and Toyota miCheusbs.nieers!

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