Helena Christensen: Behind The Lens for Unexpected Beauty

When we were planning the shoot for Unexpected Beauty, we knew how important it would be to get just the right photographer. Fortunately for us, we found Helena Christensen. As a model from her teenage years on, she’s grown up in front of the camera and understands how intense the photographer’s lens can be, especially on a beauty shoot. She brought her laid-back sensibility to the shoot and that, along with her approach to photographing the beauty of another woman, made all the difference. Find out more about this incredibly talented photographer-model-entrepreneur-philanthropist. We’ll run out of hyphens before we run out of cool things Helena does both in and out of the spotlight.


Q: You’ve had such a successful modeling career that many don’t know that you’re an equally accomplished photographer. What’s the main difference between being in front of the lens vs. being behind it? Which do you prefer?

A: I enjoy both very much. I started out as a photographer and when the opportunity for modeling came along, I figured I could use that career as an education for my photography passion. I have been fortunate to work with some of the most legendary photographers in the world and have absorbed as much knowledge as possible. I use a different kind of concentration when I take photos than when I model. It’s almost as if I need to let go and get into an imaginary zone to model and be extremely concentrated and sharp when I shoot.


Q: India Hicks is all about women entrepreneurs supporting one another. We loved the idea of a woman photographer shooting a woman for the Unexpected Beauty launch. What drew you to the project?

A: Exactly that, taking personal portraits of someone, who is equally as passionate about her work and family as I am, as most women are. It is something that I admire in other women, having a balanced approach to family and work and putting their heart fully into both.


Q: How did you approach the shoot for Unexpected Beauty?

A: I photographed India in a beautiful home where the natural light was magical. To me it’s all about light and capturing the essence of your subject.


Q: What are your top three tips for maintaining such glowing, youthful skin? 

A: I use great products and I take care of my skin by exfoliating, toning, moisturizing plus I get the occasional facial. I also work out a lot which cleanses the pores and I eat a healthy diet and lots of it, so I keep my chubby apples cheeks.


Q: You’re a photographer, you have your own fragrance line strangelove nyc, you’re a mother, and you can still be seen occasionally on the catwalk. How do you do it all?

A: Well that was a one off, which didn’t take much time ;-). I also have a company with one of my best friends, Camilla, it’s a lifestyle brand called staerkandchristensen and we have designed an entire home from scratch. I think when you do something you love, when you have your brain and heart equally involved, then it all happens very organically. When my son was little, I was with him always, except when he was in school, and if I was away for work my mom stayed with him. I think it’s very important that parents are closely connected generation-wise so everyone can help each other. Working mothers need support, they obviously want to be with their kids but it’s also very important they follow a career path or passion of theirs.

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