High Speed in Greensboro

We went to Greensboro, North Carolina to see if anyone wanted to know more about making the most of our business builder kit. Is this making sense?
Our business builder kit is this cute bag, that holds another bag, that holds a sampling of all our products. It is quite literally our business in a bag.
And with a few simple additions bought inexpensively online from that fab American crafting store, Michaels, you can really ramp up the display into an island escape or a glimpse of an English garden.

Apparently, quite a few people did want to know more about styling our kit.
And although I was flying high on Red Bull and adrenaline from too many weeks on the road, we can certainly slow it down to a more sensible speed for any one else who was not with us in Greensboro. Email info@indiahicks.com



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  1. awesome video. love this. can you please give me the details for when india will be in texas. i am in houston, and would love to attend.

    thank you

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