Hot Dogs for Mothers day.

Mother’s Day? Yes possibly, if you don’t lead a nomadic, gypsy existence, between several continents. 

I’m normally in the wrong country, on the wrong day. When The Bahamas is celebrating Mother’s Day I am in the UK and when the UK celebrates I might be on a plane to the States.

Very occasionally I have a little pang of jealousy for those Mum’s who get to celebrate properly. Smudgy homemade cards, burnt toast brought to you in bed, and extra kisses. But then the other day, one of my smaller chaps came home from a trip. Clutched in his little sweaty hand was a scrumpled up ball of loo paper “For you” he said. I unwrapped the ball. Inside was a miniature, unbroken, glass Dachshund. A miniature Banger. “Do you like it?” he asked.

He could have given me a lifetime supply of free air miles on British Airways and I could not have liked it more. Well, Ok, lets not get carried away here, possibly I might have liked the lifetime supply of air miles a teeny bit more but this came a really close second.

Who cares about burnt toast and a day called Mother’s Day when I get a glass Banger out of the blue.