I Write This Myself

Recently on one of my blog posts a reader left a rather irate comment saying that clearly I did not write my own posts because the word ‘wale’ had been incorrectly spelt.

The ONLY reason to tell that I write my own blog posts is because the word ‘wale’ is misspelt. 

Every word of copy on my blog and indeed website comes from me and all of the appalling grammar and spelling also comes from me. This is something I have struggled with since school.

I have two children who also suffer learning difficulties, extreme difficulties. But it does mean they are the most charismatic of characters, with vivid imaginations.

When Amory’s Spanish teacher asked the class to write a few words about why they wanted to learn to speak Spanish most of the students wrote a rather obvious one liner. Amory wrote that he wanted to learn Spanish so he could meet his future wife in Colombia, travel onto Spain by boat, speak easily to the Spanish pirates, fight Spanish monkeys, and learn Spanish recipes in his Brazilian tree house, with his Colombian wife.

5 thoughts on “I Write This Myself”

  1. I hope and pray that this clever boys imagination is NEVER encumbered by spelling, punctuation or good grammar…..we need him in our future.

  2. So you mispelt a word. The exact crime is?? I’m too busy taking an interest in what you have written about your travels homelife and adventures to notice the structure of your sentences and your grammar. To me it doesn’t matter so long as you can express what you want and need to say. You have outlined that this is something you have struggled with from school as do two of your children. I say if they are anything like their mum they will achieve much and have a very fufilling and happy life. As for Amory’s reasons for wanting to learn Spanish…I only wish I was a Colombian woman (who was years younger!).

  3. Dear India,
    I love your blog and your achievements are so inspiring. Well done and keep going.
    Amory writes like Tennessee Williams.

  4. This post made me smile so big! As a mom of two and and both having learning disabilities I get this so much. The day our daughter found out she had dyslexia the conversation between she and her brother went something like this.. Gray, ” Hey Jack I have Dyslexia like you but I might also have ADHD! Jack ” That’s awesome! You are so lucky! Cause with ADHD too, that gives you Demi-God powers!” At our house we know that all our brains learn and work in different ways making us all beautiful! My husband and I laugh about which one of us gave our children their special powers cause it makes us the “cooler” one! And thanks to Rick Riordan for the Percy Jackson Series! Thank you for sharing this!

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