IH Count Down

What was I thinking? Starting a business. I must have gone barking mad.

This past year has basically amounted to one long conference call. One never ending call, taken at any hour of the day or night, whilst frantically signaling to the child sitting under my desk to turn the bloody volume down on the inappropriate video game he is playing, just as I spot the dachshund taking a small dachshund-sized crap on the antique maps laid out on the floor of David’s office next door, whilst the team on the phone continue to debate the new manufacturer we just signed. The year of the never ending conference call.

But it’s also very thrilling to know that I have built something that will bring together other women, also on their own terms and in their own time. A very long year, punctuated with laughter, joy, hope, and a lot of excitement.

Its nearly time to peel this open.