Leaping Into 50

My mother and I were discussing my 50th birthday. I had hoped for talk of a new era, new experiences, what I got was:

“Darling, you should now have reached the age of wisdom and discretion.” She said with linguistic precision, “Impulse should be a thing of the past.”

Perhaps best not to share with her that, on impulse this summer, I decided to jump off Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe. One hundred and twenty meters high. A four-second vulnerable free-fall as a celebration of this benchmark birthday.

It was four… very… long… seconds, where time feels timeless.

As Wesley and I held on to each other tightly and took that step out into the unknown, I thought for a moment, what have I done?

Then, as the rubber rope took the strain, and we stopped hurtling towards our doom, we slowed and found ourselves lifted, exhilarated…thrilled.

So, with my family next to me, my soul immersed in a growing business, blessed with partnering alongside so many extraordinary women across America, and grateful for life’s kaleidoscope of experiences, I know that 50 is going to be one amazing leap.