Island Style

My new book. Being published by Rizzoli in March. Quite excited.

(That’s English for I am really, really, super thrilled)

You can preorder on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Island Style”

  1. Dear India,
    I found you cruising Amazon one day and bought your book which I have to say has been a thrill for me. I love your sense of humor, style and the fact that you are inspiring me to think differently. I love anything to do with decoration, houses in general and Weiner Dogs. Please give my best to your family and of course little Banger.
    P.S. I have been sitting on the front porch reading the book again when it is not in it’s place of honor on the coffee table.

  2. Dear India

    I have collected a number of the books you have written and have found them most uplifting.

    Do you spend time away from Harbour Island during the hurricane season?

    with best wishes


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