Jaya Thadani

It’s just a little over 68 years since my mother touched down on Indian soil with my grandparents (rather poetically today my mother turns 86). This provides a glorious excuse to interview Jaya Thadani and hear all her stories again.

Jaya is a direct link to my heritage. Not only because she worked as a personal secretary for my grandmother in India in 1947, but also because she offered my mother some much-needed company (from someone who was the same age).

Jaya is strong and feisty – two qualities which I so admire.  She has an amazing memory and talking to her brings alive again those stories of my grandparents and my mother at that great turning point in India’s history.


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  1. Beautiful interview. Being as familiar as I am with India, I wanted the conversation between you two to go on and on. What an interesting person.

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