The Jet Pack

Teenagers are a different breed. Entirely. Back to school becomes not so much about the lists of protractors, calculators and pens, and starts to be more about nicking accessories. Of course they still need the boring essentials specified in school-issued lists, but those can be left until the last minute – after they’ve found something to carry it all in.

Meanwhile, you’re looking all over the house for this and that, and wondering why nothing is in its usual spot – or anywhere near its spot for that matter.

At first you might blame absentmindedness, middle age, or craft. (I have terrible craft. Stands for: Can’t Remember A Fucking Thing.)

Now suddenly this week after a summer of life and liveliness, suddenly there is less noise, less mess, just less.

Including less of your things, your best accessories and favorite bags, for instance, which you realize after frantically searching in every room, every closet, and every corner.

Then the item in question – one of your very favorite new bags – shows up on Instagram, and you see that it’s in Boston of all places, certainly not on the bench in the hall where you last saw it.

The Jet Pack, from my fall collection (in Army or Black). Like a super-spy, it fits a 15” laptop in the padded back pocket. With the straps hidden, it can be carried as a top handle bag. Pull the straps out and it’s a backpack for when you need to keep your hands free – possibly to karate chop that teenager.